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What does your hair need?

If you have been looking for the best hair dryer of 2017 but you are not sure about the model you should pick for your hair type, here is a way to understand which dryer is for which hair.

All things considered, drying your hair naturally is always the best way to go about things, but if you have limited time on your hands or if you are suffering from the weekend blues, it sure doesn’t hurt to have a dryer in the house.


Best hair dryer of 2016


While some models can be too harsh with the hair fiber and can thus risk making it unnecessarily frizzy or can even burn it, some others are safer to use. For example, dryers with high air flows or multiple heat settings generally speak to the needs of individuals with thick or coarse hair. Diffusers are specifically designed for curly hair.

If you intend on sharing your hair dryer with other people, you might want to get a product that’s either made of ceramic or tourmaline, or one that comes with ionic technology. These three, along with units featuring cool shot options usually address all hair types.

It is highly important to pick the right hair dryer, because using the wrong model can have long term negative effects both on how your hair looks and on how it feels.


The best hair dryers of 2017 - comparison table

ModelRatingDrying powerExtra featuresPriceBuy from:
Remington AC2015 T|Studio
1.Remington AC2015
A+1875 WattsCeramic pearl technology,
Ionic conditioning,
3 heat settings,
2 speed settings
Babyliss Pro BABNT5548
2.Babyliss Pro BABNT5548
A2000 WattsIon generator,
6 heat and speed settings
Laila Ali LADR5604
3.Laila Ali LADR5604
B+1875 WattsIon infused airflow,
3 heat and speed settings
Xtava Allure XT49
4.Allure 2200W Professional
B2200 WattsTourmaline ionic
ceramic technology,
3 heat settings,
2 speed settings
Rusk Speed Freak
5.Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic
C+2000 WattsShock proof,
7 heat and speed settings



In the past, there have been cases of people who focused all of their energy on buying hair dryers on sale. Although some managed to buy hair dryers at extraordinarily friendly prices, they had the unpleasant surprise of realizing that their devices broke down after only a couple of months of use.

In fact, some individuals had the nasty surprise of realizing that their hair dryer had melted down.

Consequently, we advise you to have a look at products that are manufactured by world known brands, such as Revlon, Remington or Panasonic. There are however other brands that are also trusted by buyers, that are more or less new but that have already received many customer reviews.

As a general rule, try to avoid getting a cheap unit imported from Asia, because you can’t really know for sure how dependable it is. Moreover, you can’t know how it’ll treat your hair.

Buying an imported hair dryer will automatically give you trouble with the warranty.

To make sure that you pick the right model coming from the right manufacturer, be sure to go through as many hair dryer reviews as possible. With a plethora of online choices, you can always find a bargain of a trusted manufacturer.

Best hair dryer in 2016


Considering the fact that there have been accidents in the past, you should try to avoid using your hair dryer in the bathroom, particularly if the room environment is moist. Electronics can pose an undeniable threat to the health of those using them, if the units ever come in contact with water.



Prices of top hair dryers for 2017 largely vary according to the material they’re made of and according to their functionalities. Low-end models can cost as little as $30, whereas top of the line ones will force you to spend more than $200.



Find the best models…


What are the best blow dryers in 2017? It’s difficult to answer this question, as the market’s filled with new and improved models. In order to make your buying journey easier, we’ve selected five of the most acclaimed units out there, which have gathered the widespread appreciation of many American customers. They’re affordable, dependable and capable of excellent performance.



Remington AC2015 T|Studio


1.Remington AC2015Remington has been designing hair dryers for many years now and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s among the most popular brands. The company’s products are high-quality and convenient, as is the case with this one. Aside from being affordable, this unit is also highly efficient, as it is capable of drying hair 40% faster compared to other products in the line.

The engine is known for being long-lasting and potent, what with its power of 1875 watts.

The Remington AC2015 has 3 heat settings and 2 speeds.

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Babyliss Pro BABNT5548


2.Babyliss Pro BABNT5548This is a lightweight blow dryer that’s known for doing a great job at what it’s supposed to do. Although it is not as affordable as some other models, it has a 200-watt performance. Thanks to the ergonomic handling, it’s easy to use and convenient. Unlike the formerly mentioned Remington unit, it features six heat and speed settings and a cool shot button.

The package includes a concentrator nozzle. The neat thing about the Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 is that it has a removable filter, which allows users to clean it quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested to read more on this product, click here



Laila Ali LADR5604


3.Laila Ali LADR5604Getting a good hair dryer for less than fifty bucks is more or less difficult, and models such as this one usually cost more than their classic counterparts. This is a dryer with bonnet that can be utilized for thick hair just as efficiently as it can be used for fine hair. The ionic technology of this product manages to retain moisture and thus prevent breakage.

The package includes a compact storage case.

The Laila Ali LADR5604 has three heat and speed settings, as well as a cool setting.

Most of the people who have chosen this variety speak highly of its performance.

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Xtava Allure XT49


4.Allure 2200W ProfessionalAs is the case with other products in the line, this one features the widely acclaimed tourmaline ionic ceramic technology, which helps users both save time and get the job done without damaging the structure of their hair. The powerful, 2200-watt motor engine comes encased in a lightweight construction, therefore allowing buyers to utilize the device even while they’re traveling from town to town.

The manufacturer package includes a concentrator nozzle that can be used efficiently for calming any type of frizz.

Over 85% of the individuals who have chosen this unit were so satisfied with their purchase that they provided 5-star ratings.

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Rusk Speed Freak


5.Rusk Speed Freak Professional CeramicThis is a 2000-watt professional dryer that has a whopping of 7 heat and speed settings. Unlike the formerly described models, this one’s shock proof, which means that it can withstand a large variety of accidents which may or may occur in the life of a user.

Thanks to the removable filter, buyers can go on using the Rusk Speed Freak model for a decent number of years, as the piece can be conveniently cleaned using a damp cloth.

More than 400 people have provided positive reviews on this item, and most praise the good value offered for the price.

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